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As of August 1, 2019 after 30 years as a veterinarian and 42 years as a pharmacist, Dr. Jeromin has retired from seeing patients in clinical practice. She will still continue to teach, lecture, publish, and be available to veterinarians for consultations.
We thank you for trusting us to care for your precious family members-it was our honor!

— Dr. Alice Jeromin DACVD
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Supplements-buyer beware!

If you choose to give an over-the-counter supplement to your pet (or take one yourself), you...

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How to Make Dakin’s Solution…What is Dakins’ Solution?!

Dakin’s solution has been around since WWII as a wound dressing. I used to make it in the...

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Current knowledge about risks/benefits of raw diets in dogs and cats.

The American Animal Hospital Association, AVMA, & Canadian Veterinary Medical Association...

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