SLA Video Productions is excited to announce its partnership with Dr. Alice Jeromin, a highly regarded board-certified veterinary dermatologist, creating a groundbreaking podcast called “Speaking of Pets” This podcast is specifically designed to provide pet owners with scientifically-backed information on various topics related to pet health and wellness.

“Speaking of Pets” is meant to bridge the gap between pet owners and reliable veterinary information. It addresses the concerning fact that pet owners often consult multiple sources or rely on neighbor-recommended treatments before seeking professional veterinary care. The podcast’s goal is to equip pet owners with science-based, evidence-based knowledge to ensure their pets receive safe and effective treatments, avoiding adverse effects caused by unqualified advice.

Each episode of “Speaking of Pets” will feature a distinguished guest expert who specializes in a specific topic, ranging from the safe use of CBD to nutrition, therapy, vaccines and more. With a focus on dispelling treatment myths and ineffective remedies, the podcast aims to empower pet owners to make informed decisions that not only promote their pets’ well-being but also save them from unnecessary expenses.

Dr. Alice Jeromin, alongside her sister Janet, an animal advocate and rescue enthusiast, will host “Speaking of Pets.” Their combined expertise and passion for animal welfare make for a fun, engaging and informative podcast that serves as a form of veterinary consultation for pet owners. The show will feature conversations with board-certified specialists and experts in various fields, including cancer, surgery, nutrition, internal medicine, and dermatology.

Listen to the show on Spotify above